The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has offices in all the Nordic countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

The product criteria are the same in all the Nordic countries. The choice of criteria is made by the Nordic Ecolabelling Board with representatives from each country.

A product or service that has been granted the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in one of the countries can be marketed in the other Nordic countries without an additional application process. However there is a small administration  process for registering the product in each country.


Today there are over 130 employees in the Nordic Ecolabelling organisation with national offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Rejkavik. The professional profiles range from experts within chemistry and biology to marketing and PR.

Cooperation and Coordination

The national offices for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are also responsible for the EU Ecolabel in the Nordic countries. The Nordic Ecolabelling organisation is also a member of Global Ecolabelling Network, GEN which is an association of Ecolabelling organizations world-wide.