Nordic Ecolabel

Applying for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Environmental and climate concerns are making more consumers and companies re-think their buying and production processes. The Nordic market is among the most environmentally progressive regions in the world.  There is a need for more environmentally-sound products in this marketplace. One of the best and fastest ways to promote these products is by carrying the Nordic Ecolabel.

Which Product group?

Once a criteria document has been finalised, businesses can apply for the right to use the label on a product which falls into this category. The national offices manage licence applications and grant licences.

Companies can obtain the right to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel on their 
product via a licensing process. Licences will be granted to products that fulfill the criteria for the specific product group. There are 63 product groups with valid criteria.

Valid criteria for each product group can be downloaded here.

If criteria for a product group is not available, you can send us a proposal for a new product group.

Where to Send the Application?

Companies which produce and market their products in Sweden, Norway, Finland Iceland or Denmark should apply in their own country. Other companies must apply in the country in which the Ecolabelled products primarily will be sold.

Contact an administrator in the relevant country before beginning your application. 
This will save you both time and effort.

Application Form

When applying for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence, the first step is to fill in an application form. You must also provide documentation demonstrating that your product meets the criteria for the product group.

Documentation and Audits

Nordic Ecolabelling checks that products fulfill certain criteria using methods such as samples from independent laboratories, certificates and auditl visits.

Rules and regulations

In the Regulations for Nordic Ecolabelling, general rules concerning the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are stated, i.e. matters regarding applications, validity, privacy and fees. Information on how the Nordic Swan Ecolabel can be used for marketing purposes, i.e. color, placement and translations can also be found in this document.

Registration in Other Countries

The Ecolabelling licence will be issued in the country where the application is sent. If you want to use the logo in some or all of the other Nordic countries, you need to register the licence in each country. Forms are available on our download page.