Nordic Ecolabel

What are the fees?

Nordic Ecolabelling has an application fee of 3 000 Euro. There are also annual licensing fees.  

What are the fees for?

The Nordic Ecolabelling fees are used for:

Criteria development

Developing and revising criteria for the product groups is a precise, time-consuming task which must meet high standards. It takes between one and three years. Criteria are also continuously revised.

Product checking

When a company applies for a licence, it usually takes a minimum of two months to check all the documentation and test materials, and do an audit of the production process. 

General information

Via PR and marketing campaigns, social media, trade fairs, newsletters, and our national web sites, we try to help consumers understand the importance of buying Nordic Swan Ecolabelled products and services. Our goal is to achieve a sustainable consumption and production.

Application Fee

When a company applies for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence we charge an application fee. This fee covers among other things the administration of the application.

If the product is manufactured outside the Nordic countries, an additional fee is charged to cover travel expenses for an audit. This fee is not charged if the product is manufactured in the Nordic countries.

Annual Licencing Fee

Once the licence has been granted, there is an annual fee based on the Nordic Swan Ecolabelled product or service´s  turnover. There are different fee structures for products and for services.

Click here to find the Nordic Ecolabelling fee structure.