Inspected Paper and Pulp

In a recent survey conducted by the Nordic Ecolabelling organization in 2015, among world-leading pulp producers, more than 2/3 would like their customers to know that their market pulp has been inspected by Nordic Ecolabelling.

The inspection of pulp indicates that Nordic Ecolabelling has checked that the information about the pulp is accurate and that the basic requirements set by Nordic Ecolabelling are complied with, e.g chemical use, AOX, and fibre origin. Whether the paper production complies with the Ecolabelling requirements, and therefore can carry a Nordic Ecolabel licence, is determined by the mixture of pulps used and the paper production data.

Those who have applied for inspection of pulp as raw material for Nordic Ecolabelled paper-based products, and who have been inspected, can be publically listed on the Nordic Ecolabelling homepage.

The opportunity to have a company's market pulp inspected by the Nordic Ecolabelling organization is available to all pulp mills throughout the world. A company who has fulfilled the inspection requirements is free to market these products as being inspected by Nordic Ecolabelling.

Paper without a Nordic Ecolabelled licence can be approved for use in Nordic Ecolabelled printing houses and used in printing of Nordic Ecolabelled printed matter. Nordic Ecolabelled printing companies score points for the use of ecolabelled paper or inspected paper based on environmental performance.

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