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The Nordic Swan Ecolabel & The Climate

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a comprehensive ecolabel. This means that, in developing criteria, we look at the whole life cycle of the product and all its related environmental issues. Climate considerations are thus a key element of the assessment.

Some criteria contain requirements linked directly to the climate, such as those concerning use of fossil fuels or energy consumption during manufacture. In other criteria, the requirements can be less obvious, such as vehicle tyres, for example, where the requirement for low rolling resistance leads to lower fuel consumption, which in turn reduces the impact on the climate. The more important we judge the climate issue to be for a particular product group, the stricter and more extensive the requirements become in that area.

Environmental awareness while driving your car

Did you know that there are fuels that carry the Nordic Ecolabel? This means that you can incorporate environmental awareness into your car journeys by limiting your environmental impact.

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled fuels are renewable and represent and alternative to fossil fuels; for example ethanol, biodiesel, bio gas and various blends of these. These fuels meet environmental requirements applicable to the entire chain; from raw material to the finished fuel. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has established an absolute limit value for the amount of carbon dioxide that may be emitted over the entire fuel lifecycle, including site selection, growing, manufacture, transport and combustion. From a lifecycle perspective, Nordic Swan Ecolabelled fuels emit low levels of climate changing exhaust fumes.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel also imposes requirements for tyres. Nordic Swan Ecolabelled tyres must have a low rolling resistance which contributes to lowered fuel consumption. Yet another step towards decreasing your carbon footprint!