Nordic Ecolabel

Product Groups

Name Version Criteria documents
Alternative dry cleaning 1.7 English Norwegian
Baby products with textiles 1.0 English Danish
Candles 2.2 English Danish
Car and boat care products 5.7 English Norwegian
Chemical building products 2.10 English Swedish
Cleaning agents for use in the food industry 2.0 English Swedish
Cleaning Products 5.4 English Swedish
Cleaning services 3.1 English Norwegian
Closed Toilet Systems 3.0 English Norwegian
Coffee service 1.1 English Swedish
Compost bins 3.0 English Norwegian
Computers 7.4 English Swedish
Construction and facade panels 6.3 English Danish
Copy and printing paper 4.2 English Swedish
Cosmetic products 3.1 English Swedish
De-icers 2.6 English Danish
Dishwasher detergents and rinsing agents 6.4 English Swedish
Dishwasher detergents for professional use 2.7 English Swedish
Disposable bags, tubes and accessories for health care 1.6 English Danish
Disposables for food 4.0 English Norwegian
Durable/resistant wood for outdoor use 2.2 English Norwegian
Floor coverings 6.2 English Swedish
Furniture and fitments 4.13 English Norwegian