Nordic Ecolabel

Product Groups

Name Version Criteria documents
Grease-proof Paper 4.1 English Swedish
Grocery Stores 3.1 English Norwegian
Hand Dishwashing Detergents 5.4 English Swedish
Heat pumps 3.3 English Swedish
Hotels, Restaurants and Conference Facilities 4.4 English Swedish
Imaging equipment 6.4 English Swedish
Indoor paints and varnishes 3.3 English Swedish
Industrial cleaning and degreasing agents 3.0 English Norwegian
Investment Funds 1.0 English Original
Laundry detergents and stain removers 7.9 English Danish
Laundry detergents for professional use 3.2 English Norwegian
Liquid and gaseous fuels 3.0 English Danish
Machines for parks and gardens 5.3 English Swedish
Office and hobby supplies 4.5 English Danish
Outdoor furniture and playground equipment 3.10 English Danish
Photographic developments services 3.1 English Norwegian
Primary batteries 4.7 English Danish
Printing companies, printed matter, envelopes and other converted paper products 5.12 English Danish
Rechargeable batteries 4.5 English Danish
Remanufactured OEM Toner Cartridges 5.3 English Swedish
Sanitary Products 6.1 English Norwegian
Small houses, apartment buildings and buildings for schools and pre-schools 3.4 English Swedish
Solid Biofuel Boilers 3.0 English Danish
Solid fuels and firelighting products 3.1 English Danish
Stoves 4.1 English Danish