Inspected paper, pulp and printing

On this website you can find more information about Nordic Ecolabelling of paper, pulp and printing companies. 

If you want to apply for the Nordic Ecolabel or have your chemicals approved you can log in to our application tool My Swan Account.

Survey shows that the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is in high demand

In a recent survey conducted by the Nordic Ecolabelling organization in 2015, among world-leading pulp producers, more than 2/3 would like their customers to know that their market pulp has been inspected by Nordic Ecolabelling.

The opportunity to have a company´s market pulp inspected by the Nordic Ecolabelling organization is available to all pulp mills throughout the world. A company who has fulfilled the inspection requirements is free to market these products as being inspected by Nordic Ecolabelling.

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What is the Nordic Swan Ecolabel?

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel was initiated in 1989 by the Nordic Council of Ministers. It is a Type 1 Ecolabel (ISO 14024) environmental label meaning that it is a voluntary, third-party certified Ecolabel with stringent criteria for the Ecolabelling of products and services. The criteria are regularly revised to ensure the highest environmental standards. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is established and internationally well-known.

Benefits of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

There are great benefits for companies who carry a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel trademark is an effective and simple marketing tool that is a guarantee that products have fulfilled stringent environmental criteria where the climate perspective is included. 

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel stands for quality, has high credibility and is internationally respected. Regardless of where your company is located in the world, you can apply for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Take the first step today and apply!