Ecolabelled buildings

Small houses, apartment buildings and buildings for pre-schools and schools may be awarded a Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

The building and construction sector is a major user of energy and therefore also affects the climate in an important way. An increased awareness to of how the sector makes as little impact on the environment as possible will thus have an important effect. Also, large quantities of chemicals which are both hazardous to health and to the environment are used when building a house. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel aims to phase these chemicals out, for the sake of health and the environment.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel provides a trustworthy and effective tool, for both producers and consumers.

Producers may, assisted by Nordic Ecolabelling’s check lists and know-how, build high-quality and energy efficient houses without unnecessary chemicals – the kind of houses people want to live in.

House buyers can, thanks to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, be sure that they will be moving to a resource-efficient house with a good indoor climate.