List your products

Manufacturers of building materials may get their products listed here. Builders and contractors can then use your products in an ecolabelled house. By adding your products to the database, they will be visible to all Nordic Swan Ecolabel licensees and to companies applying for a licence.

Companies in the process of constructing a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled building, must compile a list of all products and materials intended for use in the project and have the listed products cleared by Nordic Ecolabelling. This is done inside the Building Materials Database.

Start by signing the user agreement, which states the terms for using the database. Once you send a signed version of the agreement, you will receive an email containing login information. You may now access the database and start adding your products.

Download the agreement here

Add products to the database

Log in to the database and start adding your products. After you have added a product, you will be asked to declare it by answering a few questions regarding the product. Once you have uploaded relevant documentation proving your product’s criteria fulfillment – a safety data sheet for chemical products or a product data sheet for building products – the process is finalized and your product will receive the status “Application registered”.

Translation key

The building materials database is currently available in English. However, all product types used in the database have been translated into all the Nordic languages.

Translation of product types

Detailed instructions

When you log in to the Building Materials Database for the first time, we recommend that you study the step-by-step tutorial for a more in-depth explanation of how to add your products.

Tutorial video (in Swedish)

Find detailed instructions on how to list your products in the database here

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us, should you experience any problems inside the database.


Which products must be listed?

Nordic Ecolabelling requires that certain types of products must fulfill our criteria to be included in a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled building. These are chemical products and building products, goods and building materials, and must therefore be registered in the Building Materials Database.

Chemical products are liquid and/or uncured chemical products that are used in construction work at the building site or by manufacturers of prefabricated construction elements. Chemical products used to construct any supplementary buildings, fences, decking, outdoor furniture, playground equipment and similar items are also included. Examples of chemical products are paint, adhesives, sealants and putty.

Building products, goods and building materials are:

  • Sealing products on walls, foundation and roofing.
  • Thermal, acoustic and technical insulation.
  • Interior and exterior building panels. Does not include panels of solid wood, laminated timber, veneer, OSB, plywood, MDF/HDF and chipboard.
  • Wood that is impregnated as protection from rot, blue stain and mould.
  • Wood composites.
  • Interior plastic coverings for floors, ceilings and walls. Does not include watertight layers, wall film, acoustic dampening foam and other surfacing under surface finishes. Technical areas are exempt from the requirement.
  • Drainage pipes, electricity cables, (electrical) conduits and plastic pipes for central vacuum cleaners. Technical areas are exempt from the requirement.

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