Disposables for Food

A Nordic Ecolabelled disposable must be compostable or recyclable in an existing recirculation system in the Nordic countries.

Nordic Ecolabelled Disposables for food contains a high proportion of renewable raw materials. The aim is to reduce the effect on climate change as well as helping to bring about a reduction in dependence on fossil carbons. In addition, requirements are imposed on the energy consumed during production and the classification and environmental properties of the chemicals that are used as regards additives, coatings and printing ink. 

The product group encompasses disposable products and packaging such as take-away packaging, disposables, bags and containers for food packaging. Product for labelling can be containers, freezer bags, plastic film, cups, plates, cutlery and coffee and tea filters.

Napkins and tissue paper or grease-proof paper cannot be labelled according to these criteria, but may be ecolabelled in accordance with the criteria for tissue paper and grease-proof paper, respectively. 

How to apply for Nordic Ecolabelled disposables for food?

1. Fill in the application form for disposables for food. 
2. Sign the application and send it to one of the Nordic Ecolabelling secretariats
3. You will get access to the electronic application aid My Swan Account
4. Read more about application etc. at My Swan Account for Paper producers