Grease proof paper, coffe filters, tissue paper

Grease proof paper

Grease-proof paper such as sandwich wrapper and baking paper, and converted products there-of can be Nordic Swan Ecolabelled. Grease-proof paper is used in baking paper, sandwich wrapper and sandwich interlay paper, roasting bags, drawing paper and “high density paper” for food wrapping. Grease release paper is included in the product group.

Coffee filters

Disposable filters made of paper used for filtering coffee or tea for both professional and consumer use may be Nordic Swan Ecolabelled. A Nordic Swan Ecolabelled coffee filter is amongst the least environmental hazardous within its group and fulfils strict environmental requirements.

Tissue paper

Cellulose-based tissue paper made from virgin and/or recovered fibres, for example, toilet paper, kitchen towels, paper towels and paper handkerchiefs may be licensed to carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

How to apply for Nordic Swan Ecolabelled grease proof paper or coffee filters?

1. Fill in the application form
2. Sign the application and send it to one of the Nordic Ecolabelling secretariats. 
3. You will get access to the electronic application aid My Swan Account
4. Read more about application etc. at My Swan Account for Paper producers.