Declaration portals

The Supply Chain Declaration portals are used by manufacturers helping their customers to obtain the Nordic Swan Ecolabel by declaring the properties of their items, i.e. chemicals, raw materials, goods, products, services and processes.

Companies in the supply chain who are suppliers or aiming to become suppliers to a company applying for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel need to declare their items being covered by the requirements for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence. The term “items” is used as a general term for chemicals, raw materials, goods, products, services and processes.

An item will be declared by the declaring company upon a request from a licence applicant who wishes to use the item in their licence application. A declaration of an item is solely a declaration of key data to be used in a complex and comprehensive application process. The declaration is therefore not an approval, nor a disapproval of the item, and the item is neither approved nor certified by Nordic Ecolabelling. Hence, the item will not carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and must not be presented as ecolabelled. Occationally, Nordic Ecolabelling may verify an item in advance of a formal request from a licence applicant.

Data from supply chain declared items can be used in a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence application process.

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