How to declare

1. Are the products covered by the Nordic Ecolabelling requirements?

Check if your products are covered by the Nordic Ecolabelling requirements and if they are registered in the Building Products Portal. The Product Matrix (see information and link below) contains information about which product categories that are covered by the Nordic Ecolabelling requirements and what requirements they in turn are covered by.

2. Agreement

Start by reading and signing the agreement (see link below) that gives you access to the Building Products Portal. When you send it to us, you will receive login information to the portal and can start posting your products. Please, read "How can I market my products?" (see link below) to be able to properly market the products that are listed in the Building Products Portal.

3. Register and declare the products

Use your personal user information to log in to the Building Products Portal and start posting and declaring your products. Feel free to use the instruction film below or the detailed step-by-step instruction in PDF format if this is the first time you use the portal. In the Product Matrix (see information and link below) you can see which requirements are relevant for your product type.

Product data sheets

Note that if you add a chemical product, you need to upload the product's safety data sheet in the Building Products Portal. If you want to add a solid construction product, you are asked to upload a product data sheet or excerpt from the building product assessment. For all products, the attachment (s) that the product comprises must be uploaded, signed and completed.

Product Matrix

There is also a product matrix that can be very helpful when it comes to finding out what information must be reported when the products are declared. We have also developed general instructions for portal users that explain, among other things, the difference between a listed product and a Nordic Swan Ecolabel product and give a clear explanation of what the registration of products means.