Terms and conditions


As manufacturers of products for Nordic Swan Ecolabel new buildings, we hereby apply to be able to contribute entries to Nordic Ecolabelling’s Building Products Portal.

In so doing, we are entering into an agreement with Nordic Ecolabelling, the terms of which are as follows:

  • We will receive the login code and for the right to enter products in the portal. We may give notice to terminate this agreement in advance of each calendar year, but by no later than 31 October. Nordic Ecolabelling will then delete our products from the portal.
  • We will have the facility to enter products and their product information in the portal, for later listing by Nordic Ecolabelling when requested by those who are applying for or already hold a licence for Nordic Swan Ecolabel new buildings.
  • We understand that we are responsible for the information entered regarding our products and that no liability towards a third party may be transferred to Nordic Ecolabelling.
  • We also are responsible for updating the entered information if the product changes, or if the basis of the information (e.g. legislation) changes.
  • We understand that the licence applicants / licensees for Nordic Swan Ecolabel new buildings will have access to the portal and that our products that meet the minimum requirements will be listed for use in Nordic Swan Ecolabel new buildings.
  • We may also delete products that we have entered, but if they have become listed, we must submit a deletion request to Nordic Ecolabelling and give a reason for this deletion so that this information can be given to licensees.
  • We realise that in the portal we can only view and manage our own products. We will not have access to the full listing of all products that the licence applicants / licensees for Nordic Swan Ecolabel new buildings can see.
  • We are entitled to inform our customers about which products we have entered in the database and which are now listed for use in Nordic Swan Ecolabel new buildings.
  • We have no right to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel logo in any way, and may not use the words ‘‘Nordic Swan Ecolabel’’ or similar words/phrases with regard to our products. We can only use the exact wording: ‘‘(The product is) listed in the portal for building products that can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabel new buildings.’’
  • Nordic Ecolabelling may, without any reimbursement, withdraw our login facility if we in any way breach these rules or in some other way misuse the database in a manner that is contrary to its purpose. Incorrect reference to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel / Nordic Ecolabelling or active use of wording that may be interpreted as claiming that our products are labelled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel will make us subject to an extra charge depending on the nature of the breach, its magnitude and the consequences for Nordic Ecolabelling, with the minimum charge being EUR 1000.