Pulp & Paper Producers

It is possible to get the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for a wide range of different paper products. Here you can find information about the different kind of paper products that can be licensed or inspected by Nordic Ecolablling. Go to the specific paper product page you are interested in.

Did you know that the criteria for Nordic Swan Ecolabelling of paper products encompass a wide range of requirements, most of which relate to pulp and paper production. The structure of the paper criteria is based on a module system.

The Basic Module contains general requirements concerning forestry management, emissions, energy use and waste disposal in regard to pulp and paper production.

The Forestry Requirements contains information about the requirements for raw materials deriving from forestry operations. 

The Chemical Module contains general requirements in regard to the users of chemicals in the manufacture of pulp and paper.

Specific requirements for paper products are found from the Supplementary Modules.

Inspection of raw materials
As a pulp or and chemical supplier you can have your raw materials inspected by Nordic Ecolabelling. This inspection is needed if you wish to get your pulp and chemical approved for usage in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled products.