Supply Chain Declaration Portal

Welcome to the Supply Chain Declaration Portal, where you may declare the items your customers intend to use when applying for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence.

Here's how to declare – step by step

1. Select which items to declare for your customer.

2. Read about how to declare.

3. Read about costs and benefits.

4. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

5. Fill in the Power of Attorney form to get your login credentials.

6. Enter the Supply Chain Declaration Portal and start declaring your item.

This is what you will find in the portal

  • The properies of the items* your customer need you to declare.
  • Your company contacts registered.
  • History and documentation of declarations and declared items.
  • Declared properties of your items in ongoing and finalised declarations.

The portal also contains a library with product sheets, safety data sheets, test protocols and other documents your company use in the declaration process.

* The term "item" is used for ingoing substances, such as chemicals and raw materials, goods and services. This is also where you fill in the information and upload the requested documentation.

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