How to declare


1. Start by asking your customer to provide you with their company name and Application ID Number for their licence application. You will need this information when you declare.

2. Read the Terms and Conditions for declarations carefully.

3. Fill in the Power of Attorney form to get your personal login credentials. An authorised signatory in your company will be asked to undertake the Terms & Conditions, approve your access to all company information in the Supply Chain Declaration Portal and authorise you to assign access to the portal to other colleagues.

4. When you have received your login credentials by e-mail from Nordic Ecolabelling, please create your request of declaration by signing in. 

a) Ensure that you give the declaration a recognizable name for your own organisation.

b) Select the right Declaration Type:

      • New if you want to make a new declaration of one or more items.
      • Extension if you want to add more items to an existing declaration.
      • Change if you want to change anything within an existing declaration.

c) Select the category for your declaration, e.g., Furniture Indoor and Outdoor and the area of declaration, e.g., AI 0014 Laminates.

d) Fill in your customer's company name and Application ID Number for their Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence application.

e) Select a primary declaration contact, and a primary contact for all declared items in your company. Add the contact names to select as needed.

f) Accept the Terms and Conditions for declarations and create the declaration request.

g) Add the items* your customer asks you to include in your declaration and start declaring the properties of them.

Thank you for helping your customers to be awarded a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence!

The term “item” is used as a general term for various goods and materials, e.g., production chemicals, laminates, glass and building materials as well as for services and processes included in a Licence application.


Save time! Check if all your items can be included in the same declaration.















Guide to The Portal

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