Disposables for food

Disposables for food encompasses take-away packaging such as coffee mugs and pizza boxes, containers and paper for wrapped food, disposables such as mugs, glasses, plates, cutlery and straws, bags and films for packaging food such as bread bags, freezer bags, fruit and vegetables, coffee and tea filters, toothpicks, cocktail sticks and mixing sticks. There are strict requirements for raw materials and chemicals used in the production of Nordic Swan Ecolabelled disposables focusing on environmental and health aspects. Requirements help to promote increased recycling, reduce product environmental impact, contribute to reduced use of fossil raw materials and avoid biodiversity loss.

The requirements include:

  • A Nordic Swan Ecolabelled disposable for food must be produced with a high proportion of renewable material or recycled plastic.
  • Prohibition of fluorine compounds, phthalates, bisphenol A, flavours, perfumes and PVC.
  • Environmental and health properties of adhesives and dyes.
  • Marking with sorting symbol / text.
  • The wood products must be determined and certified.
  • Prohibition of recycled paper, paperboard and cardboard.

Below you will find all the necessary documents and background information to apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.