Office and hobby supplies

The product group covers a wide range of product types, such as pens, highlighters, markers, whiteboard pens, erasers, pencils, tape and adhesive.

For many of the products there is a high exposure risk, especially for products used by children. The criteria therefore set stringent chemical requirements of the chemical element of the product, such as requirements of the classification of product and raw materials, and the limitation of VOC, halogenated organic solvents and aroma compounds.

With Nordic Swan Ecolabelled hobby and office supplies you are assured that there are strict requirements for:

  • Chemicals, such as endocrine disruptors, perfume and problematic organic solvents.
  • Use of recycled and renewable raw materials.
  • Minimal use of metal packaging.
  • Good quality.

Below you will find all the necessary documents and background information to apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.