Supplies for microfibre based cleaning

The product group includes washable cloths, mops, pads and other cleaning products containing microfibres that are designed for wet, damp and/or dry cleaning without the use of cleaning chemicals. Also cleaning tools to which the cleaning fabric are to be attached, such as mop handles and stands, are included if they are sold in the same packaging as the microfiber product. The product group includes both products for private and for professional use.

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled supplies for microfibre based cleaning must have a reduced environmental impact throughout its life cycle. Therefore, there are requirements for textile fibres, for constituent materials of the cleaning tools, manufacturing of textile incl. the use of chemicals and circular aspects such as quality and recycled material.

The requirements include:

  • Tests for cleaning performance and durability (long service life).
  • Use of a high proportion of polyester fibres that are recycled or based on renewable resources complying with specific environmental requirements.
  • Environmental and health properties of chemicals used in manufacturing of the textile. Among others, the use of substances that are classified with respect to carcinogenicity, toxicity to reproduction, or genotoxicity, nanoparticles and antibacterial additives are forbidden.
  • Continuous improvements to ensure working conditions in line with national law and International Labour Organizations Conventions (ILO) at productions sites

Concerning application

Please note that the criteria are only available in pfd format for the moment.

To provide all our licensees with a modern, easy, and user-friendly way to work and to communicate with Nordic Ecolabelling, we have created a new portal – The Nordic Ecolabelling Portal.

The Portal for Supplies for microfibre based cleaning will be available in the first quarter of 2023.