The product group covers renovation of buildings like single-family homes, apartment buildings, buildings for pre-schools and schools, office buildings, homes for the elderly, cottages/holiday homes and holiday apartments and buildings that are converted into any of these types of buildings.

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Renovation is a good tool to ensure that renovation projects are carried out with strict environmental requirements, good quality assurance and with regard to a good indoor environment.

A Nordic Swan Ecolalabelled Renovation guarantees that the renovated building has:

  • Low energy consumption after renovation.
  • Good indoor environment and low emissions of hazardous chemicals.
  • Survey/environmental analysis before the renovation and that hazardous substances and waste have been properly disposed of.
  • Building materials, materials and chemical products meet high environmental and health requirements.
  • Promoted reuse of construction products and materials.

The building types that can be Nordic Swan Ecolabelled renovated are single-family houses, multi-family houses, buildings for schools and preschools and office buildings.