Certification process for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Here you will find information about criteria, costs, regulations, marketing and graphical guidelines and learn how to get started with your application.

Here's how to apply – step by step

1. Start by locating your set of criteria.

2. Learn about the application process.

3. Find out what it will cost.

4. Read the regulations and study the marketing and graphical guidelines carefully.

5. Fill in the Power of Attorney form to get your login credentials.

6. Enter the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal and start your application.

What you can do in the portal

What you see and can do in the portal will depend on what kind of role you are assigned:

  • Licence applicants can submit application forms and get an overview of their ongoing applications.
  • Licensees get an overview of their licences and ecolabelled products.
  • Brand owners can see their brands and get an overview of ecolabelled products that are registered with these brands.
  • Everyone can see registered contacts in their company, update information about them, add new contacts and request that contacts be removed.
  • Consultants will only see the applications for which they are listed as consultants.


Forgot your login?

Please e-mail portal.support@nordicecolabel.org