Hotels and other accommodation

To meet our customers' needs in a better way, Nordic Ecolabelling has divided the old criteria document for hotels, restaurants and conferences into two documents:

The product group includes all types of hotels and other accommodation – with or without restaurants and / or conference facilities. 

A company certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel meets ambitious environmental requirements and has taken a holistic approach to its environmental work connected to energy, water, food, waste, biological diversity, chemicals and procurement. The hotel has an active and structured approach to reduce its consumption and optimize operations. 

The criteria for a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled hotel and other accomodation include:

  • Limit value for energy use
  • Prohibition of fossil oil or gas for heating. 
  • Energy and CO2-reducing measures to limit the environmental footprint.
  • Limit value for water use 
  • Efficient use of water
  • Limit value for residual waste
  • Effective sorting of waste to ensure recycling of materials and more circular use of resources
  • Implementing routines to prevent food waste.
  • No use of disposable items in daily serving.
  • Strict environmental demands for single use items for catering, take-away and fast food 
  • Reduction of environmental footprint by serving more sustainable food. 
  • Measures to ensure biological diversity on the hotel grounds
  • Use of ecolabelled products for general cleaning, dishwashing and laundry to limit undesirable chemicals.
  • Use of several ecolabelled products and services.
  • Training of employees to include everyone in the environmental work.