Hotels, Restaurants and Conference Facilities

The product group covers hotels, conference centers, restaurants, cafés and canteens. 

A Nordic Swan Ecolabelled hotel, restaurant or conference facility has adopted a lifecycle approach to its work on the environment and met the stringent requirements of Nordic Ecolabelling. The hotel, restaurant or conference facility works, with the help of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, towards a sustainable society.

Staff work in many areas to reduce environmental impact. To be awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel the business must meet a number of limit values. Energy consumption, which is one of the limit values, is one of the most significant areas of environmental impact for these businesses.

The business works actively to reduce amounts of waste and water consumption. A Nordic Swan Ecolabelled business also takes steps to optimise the use of chemical products. A high proportion of the products used is ecolabelled. Nordic Swan Ecolabelled restaurants meet stringent requirements on the ingredients purchased and used. Nordic Swan Ecolabelled restaurants also use a high proportion of organic foodstuffs. A Nordic Swan Ecolabelled business always has clear procedures for the central functions of the business. This means that there are procedures and rules in place on which products must and must not be purchased, for example, and that the staff is committed to working to improve the environment.

Below you will find all the necessary documents and background information to apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.